Digitization of rare books


-       Digitization of rare books


Peng xian zhi

A revised version of the Gazetteer of Peng District in Sichuan Province originally published in 1813. The revised version dates from 1878.



Xiyou zhenquan

A complete edition of one of the most famous Chinese novels Journey to the West, also known as The Monkey King. It is an undated print with beautiful illustrations.



Yuci xian zhi

Partially restored edition of the chronicle of Yuci District in Shaanxi Province from the mid-18th century.


Taian fu zhi

Gazetteer of Taian in Shandong Province dated 1760.


Xiu xiang di yi caizi shu

Xiu xiang di yi caizi shu                


Tibetské noviny             

Tibetan periodicals