1. A library user includes all the members of the scholars and staff of the Oriental Institute (OI) or anyone outside OI with valid identification card. He/ she can avail of the library services.
  2. An acceptable means of personal identification is a valid identity pass or other valid means of identification by means of which users and visitors can prove their identity and be accepted by the OI Library. This is not required for OI Scholars
  3. Users have the right to use the library resources and avail of library services provided to the public, this either in person n, over the Internet, telephone, etc. under the conditions stipulated in these Library Rules and Procedures.
  4. Visitors can use all books, serials, non-print materials and e-resources in the Library with the assistance of a Library staff on duty.

Borrowing Policy

  1. Only books are allowed for loans, on the following conditions:
    • OI researcher fellows and staff are allowed up to 10 titles at a time for a maximum of six (6) months which can be renewed. For research purposes, at the discretion of the Librarian, the number of titles to be borrowed might be increased or the period extended for special considerations.
    • For non OI members, Czech nationals or long-term or permanent residents Czech Republic can borrow up to five (5) titles for one (1) month.
    • Loaned materials can be renewed for as long as there are no other requests to borrow the same title and copy.
    • Books can be recalled after one week if an urgent and important request is made by another library user. Recalled books that are not returned on the date set will be fined as overdue book.
    • Overdue books are fined at 10 Kc/ work day but at the discretion of the Head Librarian/ Librarian-in-charge, the fine can be waived for valid reasons.
    • Borrowers right to renew or borrow library materials can be forfeited if the loan is overdue.
  2. Archival materials or books considered of rare value or books copyrighted 1940 or earlier shall not be taken out of the library.
  3. A library user can send a Loan request for a library material which can be picked up within one week.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Document Delivery is one of the services provided by the OI Library to obtain resources that are not available in the Library. Under the Czech Republic regulations, only specified libraries can facilitate the ILL. For OI, this is through the Knihovna Akademie ved Ceske republiky (KNAV).

  1. ILL can be requested by OI researchers only.
  2. When a needed resource is unavailable or not owned by the OI Library, a user may request from another library by filling out an ILL request by sending an email to
  3. The Library staff will try to find the resources through online search and will check the possibility of other ways to acquisitions e.g. through Demand Driven Acquisition. Upon confirmation that the material is not available, it will be sent to KNAV.
  4. Under the Czech Republic regulations, only specified libraries can facilitate the ILL. For OI, this is through KNAV
  5. The request is expected to be delivered three (3) weeks to three (3) months after the date of request.
  6. The OI Library staff in charge of ILL will update on the progress of the request.