Taiwanská biografická databáze TBIO

-       Taiwan Biographical Database TBIO



Illustration: Two views (timeline and social network) showing Person entity data; specifically the policy of Lin Hsien-tango known from the Japanese colonial period in Taiwan.

Taiwan Biographical Ontology (TBIO) is a database designed as a platform and tool for prosopographical analysis for both researchers and individuals interested in the history of Taiwan and Republican China (1911–1949). The task of the database is, in addition to storing information and representing knowledge, also the possibility of creating your own data files for further analysis (Social Network Analysis, regression, Principal Component Analysis, GIS). Currently, the database contains information on almost 27,000 Taiwanese and Chinese personalities from the late 19th and 20th centuries. However, it also contains lists of 45,000 governmental and private organizations, 7,000 historical geographical names, and other realities from the period.

The database is created at the Oriental Institute in cooperation with Taiwanese partners, the Institute of Taiwanese History, Academia Sinica (Prof. Chang Lung-chih) and National Ching-hua University (Prof. Chu Ping-tzu). The database is funded from various sources. One of them is the bilateral project Concepts in Contexts: A Corpus-based Approach to Literary Field in Early Post-war Taiwan and its Application to the Sociology of Literature (Alvin CH Chen, NTNU Taiwan; 2016-2019, GAČR 17-03529J ). The creation of the user interface was supported by the Strategy Program AV21 of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

It is a database built on the principle of the semantic web, ie the information is structured according to RDF and OWL rules.