Research Data Management Policy For the Oriental Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences

  1. Purpose
    The Oriental Institute (OI) of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) is committed to promoting the effective and responsible management of research data generated within the institute. This Research Data Management (RDM) Policy establishes guidelines to ensure the integrity, accessibility, and long-term preservation of research data.
  1. Responsibility
    Research data management across all projects is overseen by OI in collaboration with CAS throughout the entirety of the research project's life cycle, encompassing research plans, projects, and repository management. Working closely with participating researchers and taking into account the guidelines provided by funding agencies and partner institutions, the RDM process is established and documented, ensuring compliance with legal mandates and ethical principles.
  1. Principles

3.1 Data Ownership and Responsibility: Researchers retain ownership of their data and are responsible for ensuring its proper management throughout the research lifecycle.

3.3 Data Security and Confidentiality: Researchers are responsible for implementing measures to safeguard sensitive or confidential data, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and ethical standards.

3.3 Data Access and Sharing: Researchers are encouraged to share research data openly, when possible, in accordance with legal, ethical, and contractual obligations.

3.4 Long-Term Preservation: OI will establish and maintain procedures for the long-term preservation of valuable research data, ensuring its accessibility for future research.

  1. Data Management Planning

4.1 If necessary, researchers are required to develop and submit Data Management Plans outlining how data will be handled throughout the research project.

4.2 OI uses CAS Fair Wizard as the main tool for creating Data Management Plans.

  1. Data Storage and Backup

5.1. Data Storage: Researchers must use secure and institute-approved storage systems for research data. The ASEP Data Repository is primarily recommended for storage and archiving.

5.2. Regular Backup: Regular backups of research data are mandatory to prevent data loss.

  1. Review and Revision
    This policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness. Any revisions will be communicated to the research community.